Our business only succeeds if we serve our customers well. So most important of all is that we help in every way we can to ensure that the customer truly finds the right boat. Because if they’re happy with it, and they enjoy their boating, they’ll continue to use our services, and recommend us to their friends. So you can be 100% certain that Yacht Consult will help you in every way we can to Find a Boat that is 100% right for you, a boat that you will be completely happy with. For more details see our Consultancy section. When you’ve chosen the boat want, either new or pre-owned, Yacht Consult will help you find it, and can help with everything you need to secure ownership, including cost-efficient Registration, Finance, Legislation, Taxation, Insurance, Safety and Security. We can even help you with a Mooring.



Yacht Consult can assist with almost anything you need to help make the day-to-day operation of your boat as easy and enjoyable as possible. From Maintenance and Servicing, to Repairs, Modifications, New Equipment, Cleaning, Crew, Mooring and Security, Yacht Consult can take care of anything you wish, wherever your boat is, through our international network of reliable, professional contractors.


Charter Management

Offering your boat for charter makes very good financial sense. The income and tax savings from chartering make a valuable contribution towards annual running costs. You can even turn a profit in a good season. Yacht Consult can make all the arrangements for you to prepare your boat for charter, including licenses, formalities, crew recruitment, management and marketing, and can also supervise the day-to-day chartering.
Call us now to discuss the options on +32 495 51 54 59.



If you’re thinking of selling your boat, whether to swap it for something larger, something smaller, or something else altogether, Yacht Consult has all the facilities and the contacts to get the best sale for you. To enquire about selling your boat with us, please call +32 495 51 54 59 or complete the form on our Brokerage page.


yacht maintenance

If you plan to use your boat any distance from home, you need have no worries about keeping it maintained and in tip-top condition. For every kind of maintenance requirement, from regular cleaning and servicing, to repairs, modifications and fitting of new equipment, Yacht Consult can take care of it for you. Just one call to Yacht Consult and we’ll be pleased to organise whatever work you may require, through our international network of service points staffed by experienced, professional, fully qualified operatives, to ensure that your boat is always ready whenever you want to use it, with everything sorted and ready to go.